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Arts Award

In Reception we have been working extremely hard to achieve our Arts Award. Here are some examples of our work

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West Minster Primary

We are so excited to tell you that over the last year, West Minster Primary School has been on a brand new journey.  Mrs Forster, our inspiring Early Years Lead, has been studying for the Hygge in Early Years Accreditation, and is sharing this information in order for us to transform our environments. 

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is the Danish approach to life that focuses on having a happier and more simple life. Using elements of warmth, cosiness and nature to make the most of every day of the year. As we have moved through the training we have learned about changes we can make to our learning environments, outdoor provision and daily routines to bring in more calmness. 

A big part of our ethos is supporting the well being of the children and the team in our Early Years at West Minster. We hope to achieve this through promoting self care and some activities to try to connect with nature. 

As we progress with this journey we have been making changes and we will continue to do so. As we do, we will keep you informed of the changes we are making. You will be invited (when we are able to) to come and see the positive changes we have made, which will also include play and stays where you will be able to experience the Hygge with your children. 

As part of this transformation, we are reducing the amount of plastic toys in our environments, instead introducing not only wooden resources, but real,  items and other materials to the children. Of course, it is likely that along the line, something will get broken, however this again is a valuable learning experience. This is a life lesson, and one children cannot learn from plastic resources or from restricted access to other materials.

Our transformation into a Hygge accredited setting is an ongoing one, overhauling and replacing our resources and environment will take time and effort. We appreciate your support and understanding.

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Term 5

Welcome back to all our children and families. We hope you have had a lovely Easter. We are really looking forward to this term and helping your children progress, in their learning journey. 

This term our topic is ‘Fantasyland.’ This will include exploring some high quality texts to support our learning. The children will be able to enjoy stories such as ‘Night Pirates’, ‘Supertato’ and many more. The children will have the opportunity to dress up and make wanted posters and treasure maps with their friends. 

We will be using our writing skills to write simple sentences which can be read by the children and adults. We will be encouraging the children to use capital letters at the start and full stops at the end of a sentence. 

In phonics this term we will be practising reading and understanding simple sentences. We will be improving the children’s ability to recognise some of the High Frequency words known as ‘tricky’ words. 

In our number work we will be put into practise all the skills we have gained over the year, using natural materials to support our learning. For example using the pine cones to practice our counting skills. 

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Reception 2021 Term 4

Term 4

We are so happy to have the children back and to be able to catch up with all the amazing home learning they have been doing.

We have been busy bees in Reception, engaging with our new topic, All Creatures Great and Small. So far we have been exploring non-fiction and fiction books to help us gain more knowledge about different animals and bugs. As part of this terms learning we will be gaining a better understanding of the life cycles of butterflies and frogs. We hope to have the opportunity to observe the life cycle of a butterfly in our classes. 

We have been taking part in Science Week and have been coming up with different problems to solves. One class are inventing a safe way to catch spiders, another is looking at how science could help save the bees. 

We want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all our wonderful parents and carers. Without your continued support, we wouldn’t have been able to plan and deliver remote learning and we really do appreciate everything you do. Thank you.

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Reception 2021

Tell Me A Story
Tell Me A Story

Term 3

Welcome back to a New Year, a New Term and a New Topic. Although we are not all together at this moment in time, there have been lots of amazing learning opportunities both at home and school. 

We are really impressed with the children’s engagement at at home, we enjoy seeing what they have been up to through Class Dojo and feel it is a nice way of keeping in touch. Thank you to all the parents and carers for your continued support with this, it really makes a difference with your child’s learning and development.

In Reception our new topic is Tell Me A Story. The children have enjoyed listening to traditional tales such as;

  • The Three Little Pigs 
  • Jack and The Beanstalk
  • Rapunzel
  • Goldilocks and The Three Bears

We have covered many areas in maths, so far this term in Reception we have been learning about addition, subtraction, and working with numbers one through to twenty. It would be great if you could identify numbers within your own environment, such as numbers on a clock.

In Reception, for phonics, we have been reviewing our phase 2 sounds and have started to learn our phase 3 sounds. The children are doing well with recognising, segmenting and blending. If your child is still finding blending challenging, they need lots of more practise of oral blending, so sound talk lots of words for them to practise. E.G. ‘Go and get your b-oo-t-s. Hang up your b-a-g’. It’s really important for your child to read or listen to a story at least once a day as this will ensure that they are more confident with their reading and the re-telling of a story.  

Thank you so much for all your continued support. We hope that it won’t be too long until we are all back together again.

The EYFS team.

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Reception Term 2


Welcome to Term 2.

It is lovely to see how well the children have settled back into their routines, and that they are eager and ready to learn. 

This term our topic will be based around the theme, ‘Celebrations’. We will be learning about different celebrations such as, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Hanukkah, Birthdays and Christmas. Some of the books that we will be sharing together are; Rama and Sita, The Nativity story and Kippers Birthday. 

At home you can help your children by sharing your family traditions with them for example, at my house we only open presents together after breakfast or when it is someone’s birthday we eat their favourite food. 

We will be working on our Phonics, we use the Letters and Sounds format. The letters and sounds we will be learning are; “s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k”

At home you can help your child by playing games such as I Spy and pointing out letters you see when reading a bed time story.

In Maths we will be working with numbers from 1-20, not only being able to count in order to 20, but also being able to recognise these numbers. This will help the children as we start to look at mathematical problems such as one more, or one less, than a number.

At home you can help your child by playing counting games such counting steps, jumps or claps. 

The Early Years Team would like to thank you for all your support during these difficult times.

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Reception 2020-21

We recognise and value all of our children’s hard work and resilience as they have made a positive transition into Reception. We are so proud of you all.

We will be looking at a lot of high quality books to support the children’s learning. Some of these books are;

Dirty Bertie

Oliver’s Vegetables

Rainbow Fish


You can help your children by talking to them about the importance of healthy eating and why we need to wash our hands.

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Home Learning Term 5

Our wonderful EYFS children are currently working incredibly hard at home with their families.

Term 5’s topic is Fantasyland. We have looked at under the sea, castles and fairies, and next week we will be learning about space!

The children have made their own castles and shields using junk modelling, completed floating and sinking experiments in their baths and even created clothes and furniture for our classroom fairies (Sam and Sid!).

We will continue to upload phonics and maths challenges for our children to work on at home, we are currently learning how to double and half, and in phonics learning several phase 3 digraphs.

A big thank you to our families, and the incredible children who are absolute superstars! We are very proud of you all and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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All Creatures Great and Small

This term we will be learning all about animals, great and small! In week one we focused on Jungle animals, and we created our own 2D shape animals, made musical instruments and explored different habitats.

This week we have been learning about the frog life cycle. We also have been writing about our best friends, measuring jumping frogs, and learn to subtract.

Over the rest of the term we will explore and learn about minibeasts (during Science week), the butterfly life cycle, and farms. We will also be lucky enough to have some visits from some of our favourite animals!

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West Minster’s Reception Unit 2019-20

We have a very exciting year ahead at West Minster! Our children have settled well into their classes, and have come back from half term very excited to learn.

We have begun our phonics and numeracy lessons each day, and our children are working hard learning the names and sounds of the alphabet, and recognising numerals to 10. Our topic this term is celebrations- we have read Room on the Broom, learnt about Fireworks Night and Birthdays, and next week we will be learning about Diwali, Hanukkah and Chinese New Year. After this we will learn about weddings, read the Jolly Postman, and begin to get excited for Christmas!

This year our Christmas Show is called The Wiggly Nativity, and we can’t wait to learn new Christmas songs to share with our families.

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Reception Open Morning 4th November 2019

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Term 3

This week, Reception classes are starting their swimming lessons! We will be visiting Sheerness pool every Thursday PM to become more water confident, and hopefully learn some new skills.

This term, our topic is “Tell me a story”. We will be reading lots of traditional tales, such as 3 little pigs, Jack and the beanstalk and The gingerbread man. We will be using our Letters and Sounds skills to begin to write words and even sentences!

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Reception Term 3 week 4


This week has been a very busy week for Reception. We have had Miss Knight join Daffodils class as their class teacher. Periwinkles currently do not have a TA, but Miss Beard will hopefully continue as normal. One thing she would hope parent’s are able to help her with is to encourage all children to bring in their blue books everyday, so that whilst she is without a TA, Miss Oakwell and Miss German will listen to them read.

Next week we will be learning about castles. We will be making tapestries, shields and flags. We will make dragons with 2D shapes, and be looking at the structure of a non-fiction book.

Thank you for your support as always

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Term 2 Week 2

This week we have loved our swimming lessons! We had no tears, and all the children came back to school beaming.

Next week, stay and play starts. For the next 4 weeks, a table group from each class (e.g Jellyfish from Periwinkle class) will invite their parents for a stay and play. We look forward to seeing you 🙂

Swimming will continue every Wednesday (Periwinkle and Daffodils) and Thursday (Sweetpea).

Next week we will be reading Whatever Next. We will be going on a shape hunt, write shopping lists, having a picnic and making rockets and bears from 2D shapes.

From week 3, we will begin learning our Christmas songs for our Wiggly Nativity!

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Last week of Term

This week, Reception have been reading and completing activities about Elmer the Elephant and friendship. We have made milk bottle Elmer’s, learnt about positional language, and made repeated patterns. The children have enjoyed sequencing the story, finishing their last week of BLAST 2.

Next term, Letters and Sounds and Number groups will begin. Please can children make sure they bring their blue phonic book into school on the allocated day to read with their TA. Stay and play will also begin on the 2nd week of half term, so please keep an eye out for a sign up sheet!

Lastly, swimming will begin in Term 2. Please make sure all children have appropriate costumes and towels. Periwinkle and Daffodil class will swim on a Wednesday, and Sweetpea class on a Thursday. Daffodils can be picked up from the swimming pool at 3.30. Periwinkle class to be picked up from school at normal time.

Thank you for all your support in Term 1!

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Reception 2016-17


This year is an exciting year, we have now grown to a 3 form Early Years unit, with 3 classes- Periwinkle, Sweetpea and Daffodils.
Our Reception children have enjoyed their first full week at school, and have settled into our routine fantastically. This term, our topic is ‘Ourselves’ and we are currently learning about our senses. We have explored our sense of tasdte and smell, and this week we are looking at touch.
We have begun Blast 2, a programme that enhances children’s auditory, speaking and listening skills, which we take part in daily, and next term will begin a daily session of Letters and Sounds.

We look forward to a wonderful year!

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School Contact Details

Executive Head Teacher Mrs A Pattenden

Head of School Miss H Brewer

Contact Person D Jamieson


Telephone 01795 662178

School Address
West Minster Primary School
St. Georges Avenue
Kent, ME12 1ET

School Opening Times

Main School:  8.35am – 3.15pm

Nursery (All Day):  9.00am – 3.00pm

Nursery (Sessions):  8.30am – 11.30, 12.00pm – 3.00pm