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We hope you have had a lovely week off and are ready for term 2. We are now going to share a termly newsletter with you. This will provide you with some of the topics we are learning about and texts we will be using if you would like to share them with your children at home.Newsletter Term 2 (1)

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On Wednesday we will be going to church as part of our RE lessons. We will look at the stained glass windows to help us make our own on Friday. In literacy we will be writing about our trip to the church. We will also be cooking this week as an end of term treat. In numeracy we will continue to practise subtraction.

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This week we are listening to the story Kitchen disco. We will work together to describe the different types of fruit and vegetables from the story.

In numeracy we will be practically solving subtraction problems before we record our answers.


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This week we will listen to the story The day the crayons came home, we will then compare it to last weeks story, discussing which we liked best and why.

In science we will create our own healthy lunchbox. We will choose from a range of foods deciding which is the healthier option and why.

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This week in numeracy we will be doubling numbers. We will start practically and challenge ourselves to start recording the numbers we know.

In literacy we will link our lesson to geography using the story The day the crayons quit. We will use a map of the school to find the crayons around the school.

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This week we will listen to the story Spinderella. We will write a letter to the spiders in the story explaining why numbers are important.

In numeracy we will practically make number facts to 10. We will use cheerios and strawberry laces to show the 2 amounts that make 10. 

In our science lesson we will go on a senses walk to find out about the season Autumn.

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This week we will be settling in to our new classes. We will be carrying out lots of activities to help us get to know each other and to help us get used to our new classrooms and routines.

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This week in literacy we will look at compound words we will do this practically to start then move on to using the words in our writing. In numeracy we will look at missing numbers in number sentences. As part of our topic we will think about our memories of year 1.  

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This week we will use the Disney film Inside out to help us understand emotions and how we are feeling in preparation for year 2. In numeracy we will continue with division and begin to record our answers.  In literacy we will begin to look at and use the suffix ed.  

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This week we will use our understanding of multiplication to begin to look at division. We will start with practical sharing activities before moving on to recording. In science we will continue to carry out practical experiments, this week making a baking powder balloon. 

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This week we are using Toy story characters to help us improve our handwriting. We will be working hard to ensure we are forming neat cursive letters.

In numeracy we will be using arrays to help us develop our understanding of multiplication.

Science this term will be lots of exciting experiments using our scientific skills to begin to predict and record.


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This term the children will choose the topic they would like. In science we will use the skills we have developed over the year to carry out a range of experiments. 

We will also continue to practise phonics and our reading in preparation for the phonic screening.

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This week we will listen to the story of Hansel and Gretel to help us use adjectives in our sentence writing. In numeracy we will be learning to measure volume practically in our outside area.

We also are looking forward to inviting parents in to help us build fairy gardens on Tuesday afternoon as well as a visit from a dance company on Wednesday.

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This week we will listen to the story Jack and the beanstalk. We will then use our own ideas to change the story to make it more exciting. In numeracy we will practically weigh objects to help us begin to record weight correctly.

We will continue to learn about Patron saints in RE.

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This week we will be writing our diary entries as part of a writing competition. We will think about what we did at the weekend and use this in our writing.

In numeracy we will begin to look at money, using practical activities we will buy items from the toy shop.


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This week we will look at animal fact books. We will look at the layout of the books and find out facts about different animals. This will help us create our own non – fiction animal books.

In numeracy we will continue with fractions, moving on to quarters. 

As part of science week we will be making our own kites to fly on the school field.

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This week we will have the chance to make and eat pancakes, after we have enjoyed the pancakes we will write instructions to help others make pancakes.

We will be having a visit from the Blue Cross where we will find out how to care for our pets.

On Thursday it is Book day so we will carry out a range of activities linked to the teachers costumes.



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This term our topic is paws, claws and whiskers, we will be learning as much as we can about animals. This week we will write poems about animals in literacy. In our science lessons we will group animals by their diet,characteristics and and habitats. In numeracy we will look at time, concentrating on o’clock this week.

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This is our last week with Paddington Bear, he has taught us all about the continents and oceans this term. As a thank you we are going to write a letter to Paddington during our literacy lesson.  In numeracy we will revisit number names, order and value.

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This week we will be thinking about our new value friendship, we will nominate the person we think is a good friend as part of the West Minster Friendship Awards.

We have enjoyed learning about the continents and this week we will learn about the oceans of the world.

In numeracy we will practise using and recording positional language. 

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