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This week we are going on our school trip to Druidstone park. We are also taking part in a dance workshop on Tuesday. We will continue to look at money in numeracy and begin to make amounts with a range of coins. In literacy we will write about our trip out.

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This week we will be looking at money and begin to understand that each coin has a value. We will use practical and interactive activities to help us buy items in our classes.

We will use our plans from last week to write about how to care for an animal as part of our literacy and science activities.

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This week we are very busy again we have our visit to Rose street to see the owls on Monday and on Thursday the Blue cross is visiting us to help us learn about how to care for animals.

We will write thank you letters to our visitors in literacy and in numeracy we will begin to look at fractions.

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This term we have a new topic, paws, claws and whiskers. We will learn about different types of animals in science and the food they eat.

This week we will begin to learn to tell the time.  In literacy we will write a recount about our Easter holidays.

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This week we will begin to look at measuring weight, we will do this practically, using weighing and balance scales to weigh a range of objects in groups.

In literacy we will listen to the story Red Riding Hood and use this to support our literacy activities. We are working towards writing our own fairy tale using the skills learnt each week during our lessons.

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This term our topic is the Enchanted forest we will use this theme to look at and listen to fairy tales.

In science we will begin to look plants and what they need to grow.

In numeracy we will begin to look at counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

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This week we will look at China and its capital city Beijing. Again the children will look at a different continent and complete the next part of the continents book they have been working on. The children have enjoyed learning about cities from around the world and are remembering lots of facts about the cities and their landmarks.

This week we will begin to explore measurement and ways of recording. We will concentrate on length and height.

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This week we will be looking at a new continent. This time Paddington has been to New York so we will find out as much as we can about this new city.

We will use our new and prior skills to solve a mixture of addition and subtraction problems in numeracy.

In science we will begin to look at the properties of the materials we have been learning about.


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Last week we used Paddington bear to teach us about London. The children enjoyed finding out about a city and are looking forward to learning about a new city each week. In numeracy this week we will focus on subtraction. We will use our knowledge of subtraction to carry out a range of activities, practical and written.

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Next week we will have our Christmas party. We will also enjoy lots of Christmas activities, including games, art and stories. We have enjoyed the build up for Christmas and are looking forward to a rest with our families.
The first week back we will talk and write about our Christmas. We will also revisit addition and subtraction in preparation for moving on to higher numbers.
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This week we will be very busy during the build up to Christmas. We are looking forward to sharing our nativity with our families and friends, visiting Father Christmas and the West Minsters got talent show. We will be carrying out lots of Christmas themed activities to support our writing and number skills and making lots of lovely gifts and decorations for Christmas.

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Over the next week we will be looking at more and less in numeracy. We will do this practically and then challenge ourselves to record more than and less than. We will be busy using our creative skills making lots of lovely gifts for our families and the school fair. We will use our speaking and listening skills to retell the Christmas story in lessons and during our nativity.

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As well as working hard practicing our Nativity we are still very busy learning. We are working hard to understand tens and ones. We are doing this practically and challenging ourselves to record. In literacy we will use the story of Christmas to support our ordering and retelling of a story.

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This week we will start to learn about tens and ones, we will do this practically as well as challenging ourselves to record in written form.

Our writing will be based on the story Aliens love pantaclause. If any parents have a copy of this book we would very much appreciate being able to use it.

Thank you.

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This term we will start the new topic of Splendid skies. We will begin by looking at bonfire night and learning about Guy Fawkes.

In numeracy we will revisit 2d shape and then go on to 3d shape.

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This week we will look at subtraction. We will have lots of opportunities to practically subtract in different ways as well as recording when we are confident.

Last week we enjoyed listening to Five minutes peace so much we will now write an additional page using our own ideas.

Thank you for your support with the homework activities, the children were very excited about showing their teachers their completed work.

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This week we will be listening to the story Five minutes peace we will use this to help us develop our letter writing skills. In numeracy we will revisit addition and subtraction. During child initiated activities we will have the opportunity to develop our skills in these areas independently.

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This week in numeracy we will be matching numbers to names, we will be learning the spellings of number names to twenty.

In literacy we will think about how instructions help us. We will make a jam sandwich with and without instructions and then record our own instructions.

Thank you for all of your support with reading at home it is lovely see the children coming in ready for their next book and the progress they are already making.

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The children have settled very quickly and are enjoying the activities and lessons in year one. This week we will  be looking at number order, one more, one less in numeracy. In science the children will be thinking about the five senses, what each sense does and how we use them together. Literacy activities will be based on the story Peace at last.


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Welcome back to school, we hope you had a lovely summer with your children and are now ready for the new school year.

Please can you remember to return your children’s summer activity bag so we can begin our lessons on Monday the 11th September.

In year one the children get to have two PE lessons a week so please could you ensure they have their PE kit for Tuesday and Thursday am please.

Thank you

Year 1 Teachers

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School Contact Details

Head of School Miss H Brewer

Contact Person Miss D Jamieson

Telephone 01795 662178

School Address
West Minster Primary School
St. Georges Avenue
Kent, ME12 1ET

School Opening Times

Juniors:  8.45am – 3.15pm

Infants:  8.45am – 3.10pm

Nursery  8.30am – 11.30,     12.20pm – 3.20pm