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Home Learning- Term 5

This term year 2 have been working hard at home on our new topic Mini beasts. So far we have looked at the stories Super Worm and What the Lady bird heard next. The children created their own super worm characters and rewrote the ending of the story with some imaginative ideas.

We also had a look at the artist Andy Goldsworthy who creates pieces of art using only natural materials. We set the children a task of creating a mini beast using natural materials from their gardens or things they collected on their daily walks. Here are just a few, I think you’ll agree they are fantastic!

We are all incredible proud of how hard all our children are working both at home and those that are in school. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Year 2 Team 🙂

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This week we were visited by some reptiles! We learnt all about different reptiles and were given the opportunity to ask lots of questions about all the different animals. We even got to touch them!

‘It felt squidgy!’

‘My favourite was the cornsnake’

‘I learnt that there are 3 types of snakes in England.’

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Term 4 Newsletter

What will we be learning about?

Dear Mums, Dads and Carers,

Welcome back, we hope that you all had a lovely break!

This term our topic will be Around the globe. We will be looking at different countries around the world.

Our other units of study this term will be:

  • Science – Materials
  • Literacy – Fact files, recount
  • Numeracy – Shape, fractions, statistics
  • RE – How can we celebrate special and sacred times?
  • Art/DT –Make and design a traditional African House

Important Dates:

World Book Day (dress up) 4/3/20

Community Church Trip 6/3/20

Reptile Visit (At school) 12/3/20

Sport Relief (Dress up as a sports person) 13/3/20

Parents evening WB:23/3/20

Last day of Term 1/4/20


Year 2 Team  

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Community Church

On Friday year 2 visited the community church. We learnt all about the Jewish celebration, Passover with Doug. We tasted Matzoh bread (a special type of bread made without yeast), it was very dry! Then we told all about different projects the church help with in Uganda. Marie told us about all the different animals in Uganda, we learnt that elephants eyelashes are 5 inches long!! All the children got to have a look at all the different things made in Uganda too!

Uganda made objects.
Trying Matzoh bread.
Children’s doll made from banana leaves.
Traditional Ugandan clothes.
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What are they going to be?…

This term we have been looking at plants. We have learnt all about the plant life cycle and what they need to grow. We have also made predictions for what we think some seeds and bulbs will grow into. We have been looking after them and cannot wait to find out what they grow into……

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World Religion Day 2020 : Judaism

This week the school took part in World religion day. In year 2 we looked at Judaism. The children took part in many activities, learning all about the religion and what or how they celebrate.

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Term 3 Newsletter

What will we be learning about?

Dear Mums, Dads and Carers,

Welcome back, we hope that you all had a lovely break!

This term our topic will be Twisted Tales. We will be looking at different traditional fairy tales that have been turned upside down and inside out!

Our other units of study this term will be:

  • Science – Plants, looking at what plants need to grow and different types of trees and flowers we can find locally.
  • Literacy – New Year’s resolutions, True story of the three little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Jim and the Beanstalk.
  • Numeracy – Division, time, Statistics and properties of shape.
  • RE – How and why do people celebrate?
  • Art/DT – Looking at famous artists (Kandinsky), collage, portraits.

Important Dates

Research outing to the Fleet                 14/01/20

World Religion day                               17/01/20

Safer Internet week                              10/01/20

Last day of term                                   14/02/20


Year 2 Team 🙂 


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Fire station Visit

On Thursday year 2 went to visit the fire station. The children learnt lots of important and interesting facts all about fire safety and what to do if there is a fire at home. They showed us what they have to wear, including their steel capped boots and helmets. We were shown around the fire engine and saw all the equipment they us and were lucky enough to get to go inside the fire engine and see where the fire fighters sit and get ready. Did you know that fire fighters have to get ready in 1 minute! Can you try and get dressed for school in 1 minute? The fire fighters also let us each have a go and using the hose! It was very exciting and we seem to have lots of budding Fire fighters! Thank you Sheppey fire service for welcoming us and telling us all about being a fire fighter. 🙂



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KS1 Christmas Fair 2019

On Tuesday 3rd December KS1 had our  annual Christmas fair. Year 2 got busy decorating reindeer cakes and pebble pets to sell along side our teddy bear sale. All the children’s hard work paid of and we raised £81! This money will be used through the year on different things for the children, such as books, science experiments and more! Well done everyone and a big thank you to parents for all your support! 🙂

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Remembrance Day 2019

This week Year 2 have been learning all about Remembrance day. The children learnt all about why we remember the many soldiers that died in the war each year on 11th November. The children spoke about how brave they thought the soldiers were and why it is so important for us to remember them each year. 

To show our support of Remembrance day we made our own poppies and each class wrote a poem and made their own poppy for the school display. 


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What happens during Shabbat?

As part of the RE curriculum, Year 2 pupils have been considering why Shabbat is an important time of the week for Jewish people. Here are some of their responses.



On Friday, everyone is always busy, getting the shopping done, buying the Challah bread and putting the special bread on the Challah board.


They put the Kiddush cups on the table for the wine to be poured into the Kiddush cup for after the special prayer.


On a Sunday all the Jewish people have a rest day like God did.


Shabbat is a special time. Everyone says special prayers.


Some candlesticks are put on the table for the blessing then everyone takes a piece of bread. There is some left for Saturday and Sunday. Everyone says prayers to God. They sing songs. Shabbat is so peaceful. Everyone enjoys Shabbat.



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Term 3 2019

This term our topic is called “Marvellous Medicines”. We have been reading “George’s Marvellous Medicine” by Roald Dahl. The first writing task has been to describe Granny from the story. Here are some examples of the children’s writing. 


“Granny sounded like a talking bird and she was a horrible Gran. Grandma had to have 4 spoonfuls of medicine a day. George tipped in everything he could find into the pan.”



“Grandma was horrible to George. She never used her manners. She was very unkind to George. She had wrinkly skin. She was bossy to George.”



“Granny was mean to George like she was the boss of the house. Granny even told George what to do. She was a witch.”



“Grandma was mean to George because she was a witch. George decided to make another medicine, a magic medicine to make Grandma better.”



“Grandma is horrific and witchy. She has to take her medicine four times a day. Granny was very croaky so she sounded like a crow. She never stood up and she was never kind to George. She told him to eat cabbage.”

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Term 6


Both Year 2 classes have been enjoying the story of Izzy Gizmo and her inventions that don’t always go to plan (Izzy Gizmo, written by Pip Jones). The story has an important message,

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. As our topic is based on Science this term, Year 2 have also made a start by learning about Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (1836 – 1917)

  • She was the first Englishwoman to qualify as a physician and surgeon in Britain.
  • She was the first dean of a British medical school.
  • She was the first female doctor of medicine in France.
  • She was the first woman in Britain to be elected to a school board.
  • She was the first female mayor and magistrate in Britain.


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The pupils have been counting and recognising numbers using place value this week. They have been learning about the life of Florence Nightingale in Literacy and Topic work and are busy planning their own books. They have also been getting creative – making models of the Hindu god Ganesh to complement their learning in RE this term.

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Term 3 2018

Our Year 2 topic for this term is called Marvellous Medicine. The children are going to find out about an important historical figure – Florence Nightingale, her work and the legacy she left. They will learn about the different ways that information is recorded, through websites, reference books, news articles and the media. This week we have started to explore the usefulness of newspapers by reading articles from the children’s newspaper “First News”.

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Year 2

This week in Science we tested different materials to find the most suitable material to make penguin some ski goggles ready for his BIG adventure. What else might penguin need for his adventure?

In Numeracy we have been looking at different types of graphs. We collected lots of data from the class to find out all about our likes and dislikes! How many different graphs can you name?

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After the Great Fire.

What happened as a result of The Great Fire of London? Our pupils have been learning about significance of The Monument in London this week and about the rebuilding of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, comparing the styles of architecture.



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Week 3

The pupils have been learning of the events that contributed to the rapid spread of The Great Fire of London. They have been creating prints and pictures for the topic book as well as participating in class drama activities.

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“The past is all around us”.

This week the pupils have been learning about the shapes and sizes of Tudor and Stuart houses, linking to maths and DT work. They have also been researching Samuel Pepys and finding out facts about him and the historical importance of his diaries.

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Term 6

Our topic this term has a historical emphasis and is based on events leading up to and including The Great Fire of London. This week, the pupils have been learning about London life during  Tudor and Stuart times and the contrast in conditions for the rich and poor.

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