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Home Learning – April 2020

After we had our Easter holidays, we returned back to school and home learning. Our learning in April meant we started our new topic of Secret Islands. As part of our topic, we looked at 3 islands: Australia, the United Kingdom and our very own island, the Isle of Sheppey. In Science, we began a new unit of work by looking at light and shadows. Our learning in maths covered time. For literacy we have been thinking about writing to persuade and have been looking at persuasive letters, posters and in May we will be looking at persuasive leaflets.

Again, year 3 and their families have completed amazing pieces of work which have impressed the team so much, especially as we know this is a challenging time for many at the moment. We look forward to seeing what work you do in May and hopefully back at school when it is safe to.

Home Learning by Rose Class in April
Orchid’s Home Learning in April
Honeysuckle’s Home Learning in April
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Home Learning – March 2020

Towards the end of March, we all found ourselves in a brand new situation – home learning! Even though this was a new experience for us all, everyone has been amazing and tried their absolute best. Year 3 children and their families have definitely been incredible in working together to keep our learning going.

At home, the children finished off our topic of ‘The World on Stage’ where they continued learning about the rainforest, had a go at our focus artist Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers painting, finished off finding out about amphibians from science week, continued learning about how plants grow in science, revised their descriptive skills by writing about different moments in time and finally revising what we have covered in maths already. All of the year 3 team have loved seeing the work the children have been doing at home.

Amazing work by Rose Class!
Orchid’s Wonderful Work
Honeysuckle’s Fantastic Home Learning
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Holi – Festival of Colours

We were lucky to have a visitor to our school to teach us some Bollywood dancing. It was so much fun! At the end of the day, the whole school went out on to the playground and performed the dance that we had learnt. Then using powder paint, we celebrate the festival of colours. It was very messy!

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100
VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

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Year 3 Egyptian Day

Year 3 had a fantastic end to their topic on the Ancient Egyptians. They came to school dressed as pharaohs, mummies and Egyptian princes and princesses. They spent time painting pasta to make Egyptian collars and designed their own pharaoh head dress. A fun day was had by all!

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Canopic Jars

The children have been learning about mummification in their history lessons. They have created canopic jars out of yoghurt pots. They papier-mâchéd the yoghurt pots with newspaper and then they painted them.


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Investigating Friction – January 2020

In Science, we investigated the impact friction played on a toy car moving. We used different surfaces to see how high we would need to lift a ramp before the toy car moved. We discovered that the more bumpy and rough surfaces provided more friction as we had to lift the ramp higher.


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Ancient Egyptian Hook Day

In term 3, our topic is the Ancient Egyptians. We had lots of fun on our hook day where we learnt about how pyramids were built, pretended we were archaeologists and mummified our friends!

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Yoga Moves!

In PE we have been practising and creating yoga moves. Each letter of the alphabet had a different move that we practised. We then used some of these movements to make a yoga sequence. We enjoyed guessing which moves each group made!


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Lion Art!

Linked to our topic of Madagascar, we have created two pieces of artwork of a lion this week. We used different materials and techniques to create the images. Once we had made the lions, we then decided which piece we preferred and why? It was lots of fun to make and we were so happy with the finished product! Can you work out how we made the lions?

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African Landscapes

We used pastels to create African landscapes. We started off by shading red, orange and yellow to create a sun set effect. It was lots of fun smudging the pastels to blend them together.


We then used black sugar paper to cut out trees and animals to create a silhouette effect.


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Term 2, Week 3

In RE this week we have been looking at the Qur’an. We learnt about why it is rested on a stand and the importance it has for Muslims.


We have been continuing to explore the moral issue of whether animals should be in zoos or not. We have been developing these ideas in to our discussion texts. We are looking forward to creating some animal art next week.

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Our topic this term is Madagascar. In literacy we are using the film to support our writing. After watching the start of the film, we discovered that one of the characters wanted to return to the wild. This led to us having a discussion on whether animals should be in zoos or not. The children came up with some great ideas for both sides of the argument in preparation to write a discussion text.

In topic, we are finding out about the country of Madagascar and finding out where in the world it is and what the country is like.

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Welcome Back to Term 2

The first week back after the October half term break was a very exciting one! We had a Hogwarts Week at school and had so much fun! From writing spells, to writing spooky poems, to doing exciting potion experiments and finally making our own potions. It was a very busy but enjoyable week.


Exciting science experiments!


Ingredients for our potions – unicorn blood, slime, fish eggs, sunbeams and shooting stars.


Future wizards!

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World Mental Health Day 2019

Year 3 celebrated World Mental Health Day in October by wearing yellow to school. We also had a lesson discussing why we wore yellow and how we can keep healthy mentally. It was such a good lesson, we agreed that it would be something we talk about regularly.

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Black History Month

Year 3 found out about Martin Luther King this week and discussed why he was so important in Black History. The children were shocked to discover how black people were treated differently in the past. They also said how sad they were when we talked about how black footballers were treated in a recent England match.

The children thought about what dreams they had for a better future. Some of their ideas included:

  • No homelessness
  • Less littering
  • People caring for each other more
  • No littering our oceans
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Investigating Rocks

We have been testing the permeability of rocks in science. It was lots of fun using pipettes to drop water on to the rocks. We discovered that sandstone and chalk are permeable. We definitely don’t think that they would be good to use as roof tiles!


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Cave Paintings

We learnt about Stone Age cave paintings. We discovered they drew pictures of hunters, animals and created hand stencils. We created a class cave painting, as well as our own. It was messy but lots of fun!

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Beach Trip!

Year 3 went to visit our local beach this week. We had lots of fun looking for different rocks and fossils! We had so much fun and really enjoyed experiencing our local area.

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Caves and Artefacts!

We discovered a Stone Age cave! What would we find in there?


We used our fire that we made during our hook day to put in our cave!


We had lots of fun looking at  what would be found in a Stone Age cave.

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Being Archaeologists!

Year 3 borrowed some local artefacts from Minster Abbey Gatehouse. Some of the artefacts were found to be dated back as far as the Bronze Age!

  We loved looking at the artefacts!




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