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Year 5 – W/C 8/1/18

In Literacy the children will continue work on our class Novel, Cosmic.  Once they have finished taking notes on the main characters of the story, they will produce character profiles on them, detailing their appearance, personality etc.
In Numeracy, the children will look at statistics.  They will gather information and produce line graphs and questions based on the data gathered.
Our topic this term is Space.  On Monday (8th) we will have a visit to our school.  A mobile planetarium will be set up in our school hall for our pupils to learn lots about our solar system.  Year 5 pupils from Rose Street will be joining us.  Please look at our page next week for photos!
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Term 2 Week 6

In Literacy, the children will begin a new unit on letter writing.  We will begin on Monday by watching an episode of Fawlty Towers (The Hotel Inspector) and will look at the features of writing formal letters of complaint before writing to a letter of complaint to Basil Fawlty.
In Numeracy, the children will begin to look at data handling / statistics.  They will complete a few investigations and then plot their findings on graphs and create and answer questions on the data obtained.
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Term 5, Week 2

Well what an exciting trip to Howlett’s Zoo we had on Tuesday! We saw some fascinating animals, and had an interesting talk about how different animals have adapted to their environments, including how some animals are adapting to the impact of hunting. It was a really interesting day, and the children (and adults!) had a great time, and learnt a lot.elephant gorilla

Following from our trip, we have been looking in our topic about designing our own animal enclosures, and are very much looking forward to making them over the course of the term (I have suspicion some of them are going to enormous!). We also started discussing the impact of deforestation on animal’s environments, with all the children making really insightful comments.

In English, we have begun writing a recount of our trip to the zoo. Luckily, we took lots of photos to remember everything we did and saw while we there.

In maths, Sunflowers are continuing with shape, looking at translation and reflection of shapes, whilst Lilies have moved on to percentages.

Sunflowers children can practise this week’s maths learning with this game.

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Term 5 welcome

Welcome back! We hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing break over the Easter holidays, and are raring to go this term!

We have nearly finished our first week back, and have already got stuck into this term’s learning. In preparation for our trip to Howlett’s Zoo next week, we have discussed different wild animals and their habitats, noticing that some animals could be found in different habitats around the world.

In addition to this, we have been discussing features of newspapers, and have started writing our own, based on this video of Diving Giraffes. The children have come up with some fantastic ideas about Olympic diving team of giraffes!


Next week, after our trip, we will be carrying on with our topic-based writing in English, writing recounts of our day, including recalling our favourite parts of the day, and the animals we saw.

In maths this week, we have been looking again at 2D and 3D shapes in Sunflowers, and decimals in Lilies. Next week, Sunflowers will be learning about the translation and reflection of shapes, and Lilies will continue looking at parts of a whole in the form of percentages.


For those children in Sunflower’s who were disappointed by Miss Ashby’s computer game ability in maths this week, this is the link to the 3D shape game we played in class!


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Who do you think you are?

This term we aim to find out about ourselves and the area we live in. This investigation spans our work in English, topic and science.

In English we will be aiming to produce our own autobiography, whilst looking at the biographies of famous people.

In topic, we will be investigating our local area, in terms of its physical and human geography.

In science, we will be studying the human life cycle, including how we age.

In maths, we will be covering a range of topics, including time, money and fractions.

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Term 2 Week 4

You could be forgiven for thinking the shrieks of laughter coming from Year 5 in English this week were a sign something has gone wrong. In actual fact, we are producing some fantastic writing, thanks to the comic genius of John Cleese in Fawlty Towers! We have been watching the classic episode of The Hotel Inspectors, as a stimulus for writing a formal letter of complaint. It turns out, if we were guests at the hotel, we would have quite a lot to complain about!

We’ve also been very busy in maths, topic and science: learning more about the Maya, with a steadily increasing number of cardboard tubes for our instruments (although we are still wanting more!), and seeing what things in our classrooms are magnetic.

We are also starting to think about Christmas, and will be making a start on decorations for the school hall this week. We are certainly looking forward to getting crafty in the run up to the holidays, with lots of other festive activities in store.

Finally, don’t forget about parents’ evenings next week! We’re looking forward to seeing you all, and up-dating you on all the wonderful things we have been doing so far, and the progress the children have been making.


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Term 2

Well we’re nearly at the end of week 3, and Year 5 have been writing some fantastic poetry in English! We have been using Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes as inspiration, and the children have been working hard producing their own great examples.


Next week, we will be making a start on writing formal and informal letters, with an exciting stimulus: Fawlty Towers. We’re sure the children will love watching the episode we have chosen, and thinking about what complaints they would be making to hotel management!


We have been doing lots in Maths, including fractions, multiplication and division. As well as this, we have been applying our learning in problem solving, learning to think outside the box and explain their reasoning.


The Maya has been the focus of our topic, and the children have been busy designing Maya inspired patterns, which we are looking forward to using to decorate our musical instruments. Keep collecting those cardboard tubes or boxes for us to turn into musical instruments inspired by the Maya! The children have also done some lovely writing around the topic, including diary entries as Maya children.

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What’s happening in Year 5?

Wow! What a busy start to the year, we’ve been studying the topic of ‘Invaders via the Vikings and reading the exciting and gory Viking story ‘Beowulf’

We’ve written newspaper articles recounting the details of Grendel’s attack and used our purple pens to try and improve our writing. We’re currently writing our own stories in the style of Beowulf. After that we’re going to write instructions based around various Viking tasks.

Whole numbers have been the emphasis of our work in maths and some students are about to move onto fractions.

In our topic lessons we have done a whole range of exciting stuff including making Viking biscuits, being Viking traders and mapping the journey of the Vikings from Scandinavia to Britain.  We intend to become archaeologists with our own mini dig, and craftsmen making various Viking artefacts.

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