Sheerness West Federation

Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Term 2 – this term the pupils are having fun studying the Victorians, and investigating the life and times of the people from this period.

In science they will learn about inheritance and evolution, which traits are inherited and which are learnt, as well as how living things have evolved over time. They study Darwin and his findings and in RE, explore their own ideas about evolution and religion.

Within topic lessons they explore the Great British Empire in this period including inventions and progress in industry, before moving onto comparing and contrasting the lives of Victorian people to those of us today. In addition the pupils each have a free choice to explore an aspect of the period that they would like to find out more about.

The children learn how to draw from perspectives in art, using Victorian Street scenes and produce artwork in the style of the famous Victorian artist, William Morris.

Our texts in Literacy are written by Victorian authors, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) and Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) to enrich the learning about the period. The pupils are going to write descriptive passages, interviews and newspaper reports around the texts.

In Numeracy, the majority of the focus for both year groups is working with fractions (equivalents, simplifying, ordering and comparing and using the four operations). As always the curriculum is rich with developing reasoning skills and problem solving.

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Book Day 2020

Book Day 2020
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