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Year 6 Week 5

We are very proud of how well our children performed with SNAP Theatre last week. All children remembered their lines and delivered them with fluency and expression. It was lovely to see so many parents who came to watch their children also.

This week in Maths we will be continuing to look at 3D shapes and measures, particularly converting metric and imperial measures. In Literacy we are looking at newspaper articles and will be writing an article based on Chapter 11 of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

In topic we are delving deeper into World War II, particularly fashion of the 1940s and Enigma Code.

In Science we are looking at Electricity.

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Week 3 – 14th November

A very busy and important week this week for our Year 6s!

All pupils will be taking part in our practice SATS in preparation for the real thing in May next year. We will be working through the 2015/16 papers for Maths and English in the mornings to inform the pupils of how the actual assessments will take place and to inform the teaching staff of the areas that need greater focus whilst preparing. We are empathising to the pupils that they are not expected to pass this early on, just to focus and put in full effort to show their knowledge and skills.

On Thursday we welcome Andy and Ben from Snap Theatre, and the Year 6 pupils and staff from Rose Street to West Minster, to join us for a rehearsal of our performance that takes place next week on Thursday 24th. The pupils are putting together all the elements of drama, writing, art and dance together successfully and bringing the two schools together in this experience will be exciting for all!


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Budding Actors!

Over the next couple of weeks it will be very exciting in Year 6. We have our production coming up with our actors Andy and Ben. We have been very busy rehearsing our plays and our dance. We have worked incredibly hard with the project and this dedication is starting to pay off. We have also been completing our Mock SATs which we have tried so very hard with.

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Last week of term.

Next week Year 6 have our resident actors, Ben and Andy, back in to work with us. The children thoroughly enjoy these visits and gain a great deal of confidence with their speaking, listening and vocabulary. We will be working on our plays that we have started, by rehearsing them and creating a new third piece.

In Maths we will be finishing off our unit on Number – looking at rounding numbers beyond 1,000,000.

Our topic of WWII is in full swing now and the children will be creating some art work on The Blitz. They will be creating silhouettes of London at night during The Blitz.

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Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 have welcomed in the new term by keeping very busy enjoying our learning.

Our topic is ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, which of course means that we are enjoying learning about the lives of people in Britain during World War 2. In Literacy we are studying the classic book  ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’, focusing on letter writing and creating descriptive settings using figurative language. We are moving onto diary writing during the last two weeks, using The Diary of Anne Frank as a starting point to develop our learning. Evacuation has caught the interest of the pupils and they have empathised with the children of the time through topic.

We are very fortunate to be working with our resident actors/directors from Snap Theatre over the past few weeks in preparation for our performance at the end of November. The pupils are engaging in the drama and writing linked to our topic and are producing impressive results.

During Maths we have focused on number and calculations to build a foundation for the Year 6 curriculum. The children have used all four operations using written calculations, and worked with factors, multiples, prime and square numbers. A focus throughout the year is to ensure that all children know the multiplication facts up to 12×12, the pupils are being asked to support their school learning by practicing these at home weekly also.

We are studying ‘Inheritance and Evolution’ in science and have so far experimented with the adaptions of bird feet and the colour of worms! Please discuss these with your child and find out what they have discovered as budding scientists.

You will soon here your child singing in preparation for our visit to the Royal Albert Hall next term. Please support them in their practice!

Just a reminder to ensure that your child reads for a minimum of ten minutes per night and practices their spellings.

Finally a big welcome to Year 6 and thank you for your on going support from all of us in Year 6!


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School Contact Details

Head Teacher Hazel Brewer

Contact Person Debbie Jamieson

Telephone 01795 662178

School Address West Minster Primary School
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School Opening Times

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