Sheerness West Federation

Here at West Minster we have decided to improve our understanding of the world by drawing on the links we already have:

We held a Cultural Diversity Day, the children tried food from each country they visited along with either art, dance or a special event. Displays of the activities can be seen in classes.

As a primary school, travelling around the world with the children is hard to achieve, so we have taken the virtual route and will be skyping friends & family in other countries. We aim to speak to someone at least once a month. The countries we have lined up so far include:

May 16th  Sri Lanka Video + Visitor

TBA  New Zealand Video + Visitor

May 24th China Skype Link

June 7th Japan Skype Link

June 21st America Skype Link



Each month the children will select the best 12 questions to ask our friend at the other end of the line!

You can map our journey round the world below, or come in and see it on the display in school.

Image result for world map

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