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Ninja Skills

We are learning how to behave like a ninja, by following instructions.

So week by week we are adding to our language skills and physical understanding.

We started with mediation to calm ourselves. Try it at home.

Seiza – kneel

Mokusou – silent mediation

Yame – stop

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu – Please be kind to me (This doesn’t have a colloquial translation.)


Next we do a warm-up to improve our flexibility.

We are getting our bodies used to the music and movement before adding the vocabulary. We are learning the vocabulary by playing Simon Says each lesson with additional vocabulary each week.
We started with:
Atama – Head
Te – Arms
Ashi – Legs
Hidari – Left
Migi – Right

Then we practised ninja running and added:

Aruite – walk
Hashitte – run
Tonde – jump
Agete – raise
Sagete – lower
Hayaku – quickly
Yukkuri – slowly
Shizukani – quietly

Next we did target practise:

Okii– big
Chu – medium
Chiisai – small
Nagete – throw
We consolidated our vocabulary with flexibility training. Please come and see me if you would like to see the files used.
 This week we are improving our co-operation skills: To succeed we will need the vocabulary to-date & to learn counting skills.
Hitori – 1 person
Futari – 2 people
Sannin – 3 people
Yonin – 4 people
Gonin – 5 people
Rokunin – 6 people
Ichimai – 1 flat thing
Nimai – 2 flat things
Oite – place it
Using our knowledge
We have drawn all our language skills together to describe the actions in the our warm up sequence.
 We wrote sentences in Japanese that could be used as instructions:
Adverb Noun Preposition Verb
hayaku te o ue ni agete
Quickly hands up raise
He raised his hands up quickly.
Items in red are called particles and are used to indicate the meaning of the word in the sentence. E.g whether it is an object or subject etc. Brown words are taken from context, and are not required in the Japanese sentence.
We are looking at Kabuki, its history and introducing the meaning of poses and face make-up before starting to learning specific dances next term.

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