Sheerness West Federation

This term children learnt the names for different emotions and have been creating class cards to describe how their body feels during that emotion to help them recognise each one. They have also learnt body parts and colours that are associated with emotions. Whilst describing physical charactistics they have learnt simple adjectives and verbs.

For example:

Ureshii (Happy)

Kiiiro (Yellow)

Me (Eyes) Hiraite iru (Open)

Mayuge (Eyebrows) Hikui (Low)

Kuchi (Mouth) Hosoku Aite iru (Narrowly open)

Te (Hands) Futsuu (Normal)

Ashi (Legs) Kinchou Shite inai (Not tense)

Kokoro (Heart) Osoi (Slow)

Kaoiro (Complexion) Futsuu (Normal)

School Contact Details

Executive Head Teacher Mrs A Pattenden

Head of School Miss H Brewer

Contact Person D Jamieson


Telephone 01795 662178

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West Minster Primary School
St. Georges Avenue
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Main School:  8.35am – 3.15pm

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Nursery (Sessions):  8.30am – 11.30, 12.10pm – 3.10pm