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This term we are looking at multiplication.

Week 1 was a recap of vocabulary learnt in Term 1.

Week 2 we are starting Kuku – times tables in Japanese. We are also learning the vocabulary for division through a story.

Week 3 KS1 have begun to create their own Sugoku game to practise counting in groups of 2 or 3. Sugoku is similar to ludo. Here is an example.

Image result for sugoroku

KS2 Learnt about factorials through a story written by Anno Masaichiro. They created their own pictorial versions of the story. If you would like to listen, here is an English version.

Week 4 KS1 children will be creating the dice (saikoro) and origami counters (koma) for their sugoroku games.

Lower KS2 children will be looking at Amidakuji style games to create opportunities to practise their times tables. In case you have never played here is an example of how to play:

Upper KS2 children will be practising their times tables up to 9×9 on quizlet. If you would like to practise here is the link for the 6 times tables. Please start from the left hand side and work your way across to build up confidence.

Week 5 KS1 children will be completing their sugoku and playing the game.

KS2 will be looking at 2 digit multiplication using the line method and learning about size and direction using their knowledge of times tables in Japanese.

Week 6

KS1 Will be playing Sugoku and using counting in steps and using directions to move across charts.

KS2 Will be using greater/less than to explore a maze.

Week 7

All classes learnt about Hanafuda, which is a traditional game (over 1200 years old), frequently played at New Year. They will be playing the game during the first week back.

Hanafuda means flower cards. Each month is represented by a different flower that has a particular relevance to Japanese culture. If you would like to try the game here is a link

Below is a link to the rules in English.


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