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This term the children are beginning to cover topics they have chosen themselves in Japanese. The majority are learning about Salt through experiments on density, crystals and water lifts. However, three classes are looking at the effect water has on the environment through states, water cycle, tsunami, landscaping. 

In order to be effective they are learning adjectives & verbs to describe what they see. 

So far the Salt group has used their prior knowledge of some of the vocabulary and created sentences comparing and giving reasons why items float or sink. They have also used short sentences to describe their experiments, supported by colour co-ordinated labelling of sequenced pictures. This week they will be learning names of fruit and vegetables for next week when they will create the water lifts.

The water group practised atomic action for various states & used simple sentences to say whether a particular substance was solid, liquid or gas & described whether it was hot, cold or warm. They built on this by looking at the water cycle and learnt some kanji (Chinese characters) to label their charts (KS1 draw on the playground with chalk instead). Last week they started to look at the destructive power of water & began with Tsunami. They learnt how to link adjectives and practised describing the waves they had been creating whilst learning the vocabulary. This week they will be reinforcing the vocabulary by looking at the way water changes the landscape by creating their own earth mounds and mini rivers. 

Week 5

Salt – The children will check the growth of their crystals and set up the vegetable experiment, to see the effect salt has on extracting water from vegetables. They will use their vegetable vocabulary from last week and learn the verbs for the actions required to prepare the vegetables.

Water – The children will use the vocabulary from previous weeks to describe the actions of water when it freezes. They will look at the effect in nature of water expanding when it freezes. 

Week 6

Salt – They will learn the vocabulary required for measuring & write up the results of last weeks experiment.

Water – They are looking at surface tension & comparative density using simple vocabulary.

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