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We introduced Kabuki and drew masks to show understanding of the use of make-up and colours in appreciating the personality of characters.

Look at the video and see what you discover:

Week 2 

We are completing a ninja adventure course to check our learning from last term:

We will be doing target practice with Shuriken; walking across the Uguisutoko; trying Kitsune aruki; decoding a final message.

We started learning some characters from Kabuki and the movements associated with them.

Kitsune – fox

Kumo – spider

Youkai – Supernatural Being

Onnagata – women

Bushi – Warrior

Chonin – Towns people

Week 3

We are learning how to improve our posture and the second part of the Izaya Kabukan dance.

Year 6 have begun to learn Hiragana, and have managed the first 10 characters. We will be progressing at different rates, so some students will complete the script before others. Next week we will investigate the economic Japanese relationship with the UK and reasons for learning Japanese.

Week 4

Year 6 are progressing on to Ta Gyo and once they have completed Hiragana, will write their own Haiku in Japanese.

The rest of the school are learning the 3rd and 4th parts of the dance and Suriashi, which is a special way of walking. We will be practising in character.

Week 5

Year 6 have 2 strands working in tandem. We have approximately half the class investigating the economic presence of Japan in the UK. They have been looking at companies: factories, R&D, HQ. They are developing a presentation on a Japanese company of their choice that is based in Kent, to feedback to the class next week. The rest are moving at their own pace through the remaining Hiragana. The majority of the class will be on Na Gyo.

The rest of the school have reached the chorus of Izaya Kabukan and will be learning how to run in Kabuki style: Hayaashi; Yakko bashiri; Momoagehashiri.

Week 6

Those learning the dance have now completed the final stages & next week will be a dress rehearsal, bringing the singing, dancing & masks together.

Those learning Hiragana have had other events this week, so they will move on to Ha Gyo next lesson.

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