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The term we will be learning about shapes:

Week 1

KS1 will be using parachute games to practise vocabulary.

KS2 will be learning the names of a variety of triangles and quadrilaterals, which will be used to play tangoes which is a game using tangrams and positional language the following week.

Week 2

KS1 will reinforce shape vocabulary through thinking games and puzzles.

KS2 will recap shape vocabulary using kanji with some incorrectly labelled, to check accurate recall. Then they will learn about tangram shapes and try to make the design. Vocabulary from previous years is then going to be incorporated so that next week the children can follow instructions to position the correct shape in the correct position in partners.

Week 3

KS1 Used position vocabulary to create a square from triangles and a small square.

KS2 Gave instructions to a partner to create tangram shapes.

Week 4 – Once the animation is completed, they will be made available for the classroom screens, because the file size means that they cannot be uploaded here. However, here is a link to an existing version of the story:

KS1 and KS2 are creating the shapes from plasticine to create a short animation that they will be doing a voice-over for.

Week 5

KS1 and KS2 will complete the animation.

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