Sheerness West Federation

Week 1

Upper KS2 will be divided into groups. Each group will plan a single lesson around teaching colours. The content will follow the rest of the school.

KS1 will be recapping colour, with quantity for extension, and support with sentence building frames for lower KS2. 

Week 2

Upper KS2 have begun to plan their lessons in groups and will create the resources next week.

Lower KS2 have been introduced to

__________ to ___________ wa ____________ ni narimasu

and use it to describe the change in colour when mixing. This will be used to describe the change in colour of red cabbage as an indicator of ph.

KS1 had great fun combining vocabulary learning with exercise. Next week they will be building sentences via relays races.

Week 3

Upper KS2 will begin teaching their lessons next week.

Lower KS2 will be drawing their pictures and labelling them with the colours they intend them to become. 

KS1 will be describing the changes in colour when mixing substances with red cabbage.

Week 4

Upper KS2: Group 1 had positive feedback from their lesson. Group 2 next week.

Lower KS2 & KS1 will be predicting the colours that their pictures will turn when painted with different liquids.

The structure is _____ ni naru to omoimasu.

Week 5

Upper KS2: The majority of students have enjoyed all aspects of planning & teaching their own lessons. Some groups have stretched themselves by selecting more advanced vocabulary. 

Lower KS2 & KS1 will be predicting the colours that make up felt tip colours and check them using chromatography.

This is revision of last weeks structure.

Week 6 

Upper KS2: The last groups will teach this week. Most groups have provided stretching tasks, they will need to work on clearer instructions and focus on communication within the group to improve in future. 

Lower KS2 & KS1 will be consolidating knowledge with a variety of assessments to check contextual application.

School Contact Details

Head of School Miss H Brewer

Contact Person Miss D Jamieson

Telephone 01795 662178

School Address
West Minster Primary School
St. Georges Avenue
Kent, ME12 1ET

School Opening Times

Juniors:  8.45am – 3.15pm

Infants:  8.45am – 3.10pm

Nursery  8.30am – 11.30,     12.00pm – 3.00pm