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Soroban: Japanese abacus

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 This term children will learn: the history of its development; how an abacus is made; the names for the parts and actions; the appropriate actions for using a soroban; how to perform calculations using a soroban.
 For those of you who are interested in more information this website has English explanations, along with the benefits arising from the use of Soroban. 
Week 2
The children in KS2 will be learning the finger movements for addition and subtraction up to 4 and for 5. In KS1 they will be using marbles before we move on to Soroban so they understand the meaning of the beads. They will also be learning the names of the fingers with a song.
KS1 children practised counting to 20 on the soroban.
Week 3/4 Due to snow these have been combined.
KS2 children are practising finger movements for addition and subtraction with 6, 7, 8, 9. The children having been enjoying the activity and not wishing to stop. So, if anyone would like extra work or suggestions for buying their own, please come and ask me.
KS1 children will practise using marbles to discover adding and subtracting with 5. The website below can help with ideas if you would like to try it at home.
Week 5
KS2 children will be moving on to complimentary numbers and addition of numbers over 2 digits. Multiplication will be introduced for confident children.
KS1 children will attempt to use the soroban for addition to 4 and using 5 if confident.

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