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So far this year we have concentrated on responding to language this year, so from this term the children will start to use the language creatively to describe the activities that the children are participating in.

This term we are looking at unusual Japanese Sports Day activities:

We started in Week 1 by playing 3 different games.

Tamaire – We made the balls (tama) by scrunching newspaper so that we had enough balls to play properly. We learnt hiratai (flat) and kushakusha (scrunched). We have already practised responding to vocabulary, so they split into 2 teams using colours aka and kiiro. This time we knew what to say and on Yoi Don (get set go) everyone shouted nagete (throw). Once we had exhausted the collection of balls, we counted those that had gone into the basket. Everyone managed to count as a group, and the highest score so far was 34 (san juu yon)! Some of us could even say the difference between teams (juu san was the biggest)!

Tatchidaun – Here they split into 4 teams using numbers, and practised kette (kick), hashitte (run), hirotte (pick up), aruite (walk), watashite (pass using hands). This is a relay game where the children kick a rugby ball, which doesn’t bounce straight, to the end of a pitch and return it to the next team member.

Katapilareesu – For this we learnt haihai (crawl). The children climbed into an enormous cardboard box that had been modified into a caterpillar track shape, and crawled in 2’s across the hall.

Week 2 is Kumitaisou

There are some spectacular examples of this form of gymnastics,

However, we are going to use some of the simpler varieties and try to build a simple routine. The language will revolve around position names, and stretches. The children made some beautiful shapes. Photos coming soon!

Week 3 Oodama

In Japan the balls used are 6ft in diameter, unfortunately they are quite hard to come by in the UK, so we are using 4ft balls. We are practising our co-operation and co-ordination skills by using the balls for: Oodama korogashi – a relay were 2-4 children move the ball round cones and back to their team; Oodama okuri – the whole class line up in pairs and must manipulate the ball from one end of the line to the other without it dropping (it’s been great fun); UFO – children link arms to carry the ball in a relay race without dropping the ball (the name comes from the shape the children make as they carry the ball).

Week 4 Skipping

We are going to be practising whole class skipping with a 10m long skipping rope. Once we have learnt how to skip as a group, we will learn a skipping song.

Week 5 Dekapan (Giant shorts), Mukade (Centipede), Ai no raketto (Love Rackets)

The children practised Haite, nuide for putting on & taking off a pair of shorts that fit a child in each leg. Then the difficult part was running together!

Next we built up a team of children to create a centipede. They had to move as a team (6 children) with their hands on the shoulders of the child in front. (te o kata ni oite) was our new vocabulary. Not losing part of your team along the route was a challenge.

Finally, Ai no raketto, where the children worked in pairs to hold a ball between 2 rackets (booru o hasande) and negotiate a course before placing them on the floor for the next pair (oite).

Week 6 Using the vocabulary

Using the equipment and having revised the vocabulary for the term, the children are going to be divided into groups of 6 and create instructions for the rest of the class. Each group will then layout their race and give the instructions. Will everyone be able to follow the instructions?

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