Sheerness West Federation

This term we will be looking at money and creating our own shops to practise different scenarios.

Week 1

We will be looking at money and learning the names of different coins and notes.

This will be through play money, songs, a shopping game and a story called Hajimete no otsukai (My first shopping trip).

Week 2

Children across both Key Stages will be practising mini role plays, as partners, in a bakery. In order to achieve this they will learn some counters eg. in English we say a slice of cake/bread, but we can also say a loaf of bread. They will use set phrases that children can transfer to other situations. Examples can be found on lessons 6 & 8, also on lesson 7.

KS1 children will also have songs (fushigi no poketto & counters) and a story (Karasu no panya san) to support them.


Week 3

Children will be transferring their skills to a restaurant environment. The role play will be broken into 3 stages: entering the restaurant & being seated; ordering food; asking/paying for the bill.

They will learn 2 different ways of counting people because there is a difference between vocabulary used by restaurant staff and customers.

Week 4

The children will be given a website and a selection of people they have to order food for. They will have to find out whether the food can be eaten by people with certain food preferences and allergies, and check whether they can buy a desired menu within their price range & then they will be able to select their own menu and report back to the class on their choices.

Week 5

We will have a vocabulary recap session using quizlet. KS1 & Year 3 will do this as a whole class activity, Year 4 &  up will do this individually.

Week 6

Children will have an opportunity to perform a role play using the vocabulary they have learnt over the term.

Year 6 children will have a crossover for this week and the first week of next term where they will choose a language and 10 items of vocabulary. Then they will plan how they are going to teach the rest of the class and check whether the class have learnt the vocabulary. This week they planned the activity, the first week back the children will be teaching the rest of the class. This is preparation in support of learning a new language at secondary school.

Year 5 have had a 2 week introduction to simple German.

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