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This term we will be learning how to make washi, Japanese paper.

The children will need a clean drink cartoon that is made from paper/card in order to produce a postcard each. If the class decide to dye the paper naturally the whole class will have the same colour, however if they choose to decorate it with flowers and leaves it will have a more individual feel to it.

Letters were sent home asking for the cartons with examples of possible tetrapaks. I would like to start the first or second week back because it will take 3 sessions to create the postcards.

Some examples are below.

Related image

Week 2

We started the process last week and will be separating the plastic from the paper before starting on the first stages of making the pulp. We also found flowers and leaves to press which should be ready in a fortnight to provide decoration for our postcards.

In KS1 the children have chosen which song they would like to learn:

Donguri korokoro

Oni no pantsu


KS2 children are being introduced to the vocabulary for making paper via storyboards & games.

Week 3

The children will see the pulp being made, and then create their own postcard decorated with the flowers they have dried.

If they have time they will use the marking on the playground as a maze and create instructions for another child to move safely to a spot on the other side.

Week 4

Everyone has made their paper now and should have taken it home.

Week 5

This is the last week before transition and we will be doing time & playing Daruma-san ga koronda which is the Japanese equivalent of What’s the time Mr Wolf.

Week 6 – Transition

Children will be planning their learning for the following year in the lesson. They will be choosing the order of the lessons through discussion. A variety of possible options with learning intentions will be made available & a selection will be made. They will have a discussion on personal learning & the methods available to them. This will then be linked to possible activities for each learning outcome & a discussion on expected behaviours to achieve them.

Week 7

The outcome of the previous week will determine what each class learns. However, it expected to be a lesson on introducing personal learning, so that children can feel confident about expectations for next year.

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