Sheerness West Federation

Term 1 & Term 2

We have now selected our federation sports leaders, come back soon to find out how their first term has been and to hear from pupils all across our school about how their first term of PE lessons have been. 

This week our sports leaders had their first meeting and decided upon the lunch time clubs they would like to run for the remainder of term 1 and term 2. These clubs are all their own ideas and our run solely by a small group of sports leaders. They decided that they would like a KS1 and KS2 club on everyday so that every year group has the chance to take part. We are looking forward to seeing how they go! 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
KS1 Girls Football KS2- Running KS1 – Basketball  KS2- Football (mixed) KS2- Dodgeball
Parachute Games (all years) Skipping (all years) KS2 – Basketball KS1 – Racing  Short Tennis (all years)
Table Tennis (all years)        


This week the children have also been writing to the PE team about their thoughts and feeling towards PE. A number of these are now on our big football display which is up in the hall. Next time you visit our school please feel free to come and have a read what they wrote. But just to give you an idea here are some of our children’s lovely comments below; 




Term 3 

Our sports leaders have been busy yet again, and have now picked their break time and lunch time clubs for term 3 and term 4; 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Ball Skills

All Year

Parachute Games


Boys Football


Girl Football



All Years

Hula Hoop

All Years


  All Years


      All Years



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School Opening Times

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