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West Minster

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The music department at our school is a spacious and fully equipped working studio with theatrical lighting, sound, multimedia systems and performance spaces.


The school offers whole class instrumental tuition, we focus on the core skills of composing, listening and performing, which are explored through engaging topic-based work. The children have the opportunity to play a wide range of musical instruments including: violins, cellos, trumpets, flutes, keyboards etc. In a fun and challenging way.  


A school with a purposeful artistic education aids in the development of  emotional, perceptive, strong-souled children, who will hopefully nurture a lifelong passion with music; a creative and dedicated person will more likely choose a successful life path, a suitable career and recognise the importance of each profession.

Music lessons have a particularly significant impact on a child’s development both physically and spiritually.


Teaching children by combining music, ethnography, art, body movement and other cultural activities, provide a multifaceted approach in developing the student’s talents, imagination and creativity. Regularly listening to singing and playing music will enable the child to form a taste for music and the ability to appreciate this art form. Interesting, attractive, understandable lessons actively familiarise the student with the subject, expand knowledge and interest in music. This will encourage an independent creative process. After moving on from primary school and into secondary education the children will have a strong foundation of musical experiences. We hope that the young people that leave our school should be able to understand the musical language of their culture, experience the beauty of British folk melodies, become an avid visitor of concerts and theatres, be able to enjoy and appraise the musical performance.


The mission of music within our school is to create a favourable environment for efficient development of individual  students musical abilities and develop general musical competences.


We are proud to have a strong partnership with Kent Philharmonic Orchestra; which is a  leading symphony orchestra in Kent. This gives the children of West Minster Primary School the unique opportunities of experiencing top musicians perform, take part in workshops and take part in musical events. For season 2021/2022, our children will have a chance to perform with a full Symphony Orchestra alongside Opera Singers, Violinist Adam Suska from Poland, hosted by the BBC presenter Greg Foot for the, ‘Sheppey Sings Project‘.


To date, the children have had the chance to watch the performances of Marina Ivanova, opera singer from Bulgaria, harpist and flautist​ from the Royal Academy of Music, and the Leon String quartet. The children themselves will have the chance to take part in various musicals throughout their school years, enter a yearly talent competition and take part in Young Voices at the O2.