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Physical Education

At Sheerness West Federation a positive attitude and self-belief is vital to achieving goals and prospering to be independent in their own learning.


Within the PE curriculum there is particular emphasis on the development of a wide range of skills, including motor skills, hand eye coordination and teamwork. All these fundamental skills are taken from experiencing a wealth of sports activities not just within their PE lessons but also within healthy competition.


Here at SWF we promote healthy competition across the school and encourage and support when others prosper, therefore resulting in good sportsmanship. We urge children to make informed decisions independently about how to apply skills learnt into game scenarios. The children are supported to aspire to local sporting heroes and worldwide sporting competitors as well as celebrate each other’s successes and achievements within the school community. It is our aim for all children at SWF to compete and represent the school in either sporting or a creative event at some point in their career.


We also have opportunities for children to develop, explore and share their creativity through all aspects of physical education for example; through designing their own dance and gymnastic sequences. Skills in working collaboratively are achieved in improvisation within group tasks and through team sports both within the lesson and within our school representative teams in the wider community.


Another aim of ours is to see our children through their cycling proficiency to ensure they are safe when cycling to and from school and when they are out in the wider community. It is required for all children to be able to swim at least 25meters and is therefore a whole school aim to see our children reach this target by the time they leave SWF.


Our staff within SWF effectively differentiate to enable all children to excel no matter what their sporting capabilities are. It allows them to discover their own gifts and talents across the Physical Education curriculum.

Children at SWF receive two hours of PE (1 indoor and 1 outdoor) and the option to attend a variety of after school sports clubs throughout the week.


Please see below for this years PE timetable for our school;

In recent years the school has embedded a number of physical based schemes to help broaden the wider curriculum. This includes;  the Daily Mile scheme which now sees all our pupils taking part from Reception to year 6. The Active Maths and Active English schemes which are now used in a range of year groups and are having a positive impact upon our children’s learning.


Further enhancing the skills of our staff has been an area which the school has focused on in recent years. Our staff have been offered opportunities to attend a range of PE CPD sessions and this continues to be the case. A staff  questionnaire also gets sent out to help make sure that our staff are getting the help and support they need and to make sure that they are happy with PE provisions offered. On top of this a pupil questionnaire also goes out to ensure that our pupils have a say in their curriculum.


A number of our staff are now qualified to teach our school swimming lessons which will have a huge impact long term when it comes to teaching our children how to swim. Although it is a requirement for all pupils to swim 25 metres before they leave us, it is also one of our school aims.


Our staff have grown in confidence in terms of their teaching PE and now all our children receive two hours of quality PE a week. However as a school we want to continue to improve on our practise and we are now proud to be Real Legacy School. This programme will not only improve our PE even further but will also have an impact upon the whole school experience of our pupils. It will also help us as a school continue to build on our relationships with the families at our school and will help pass on skills to them which they can use at home on a daily bases. The programme is in its early stages but after a successful start the next step will be a whole federation twilight training so that all staff at our schools feel comfortable to use the programme. We are excited to see what the future holds, come back soon for more updates!



Please find below both our PE curriculum map, Progression map and also our School PE Action plan. Both of these are working documents and will be added to through-out the year. Due to being part of Real Legacy now these documents are undergoing reviews and being updated. Our curriculum aims to offer a broad range of experiences which will help to develop our children as a whole and will have a wider impact on their school journey.